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  • Submission on the ETS Review Bill

    Date Added: 20th September 2012 from ExportNZ

    ExportNZ is pleased to have the opportunity to provide a submission to the Finance and Expenditure Committee on the Bill.

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    Submission on the Standards Review

    Date Added: 30th July 2012 from BusinessNZ

    Submission to MBIE on the 2012 Review of the New Zealand Standards and Conformance Infrastructure.

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  • Submission on the ETS Review

    Date Added: 11th May 2012 from ExportNZ

    ExportNZ is concerned about maintaining the international competiveness of our exporters with any strengthening of the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme as is being proposed. This effectively would catapult NZ into leading the world in terms of the stringency with which we price carbon across the NZ economy. See our submission here.

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  • Submission on Japan, Mexico and Canada to join TPP negotiations

    Date Added: 17th February 2012 from ExportNZ

    ExportNZ has made a submission to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade on the expressions of interest from Japan, Mexico and Canada in joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations. In principle we're supportive of their inclusion, especially Japanese participation.

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    Productivity Commission Bill Submission

    Date Added: 9th September 2010 from BusinessNZ

    BusinessNZ submits that that the establishment of an NZPC is one of the key changes that would help ensure New Zealand improves its overall quality of regulation and overall productivity in order to boost economic growth.

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    Consumer Law Reform - a Discussion Paper

    Date Added: 30th July 2010 from BusinessNZ

    This paper covers a large number of proposals to reform and rationalise New Zealand’s consumer legislation. Given the increasing impact regulation is having on the economy, BusinessNZ welcomes alternative processes aimed at achieving desired outcomes without the need for further government intervention, whether at the day-to-day operational level, or involving enforcement procedures.

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