Aaron Ward

Aaron Ward

Co-Founder & CEO


Aaron Ward is a relentless tech innovator with a vision to change how companies use customer feedback to reinvent their customer experience. His challenger brand, Ask Nicely, has enabled service organizations, with hundreds or even thousands of frontline staff, to make every customer experience awesome. Using Ask Nicely’s consumer-grade platform, customer feedback becomes actionable insights in the hands of frontline workers within moments. In his own words: “Humans are at their best when motivated by feedback. Ask Nicely makes it possible for every employee to access meaningful performance coaching, regardless of rank or position.” At a single glance, every worker can see their own customer experience score, ranking, shoutouts and areas to improve, all on their phone, helping to coach, motivate, and empower them to make every customer interaction a great one. The technology has drastically shortened the ever-widening gap between NPS; meaningful analytics; improvement programmes that address shortcomings and eventual implementation. “It’s a shortcut to better CX; it’s that simple!”

Aaron is also a philanthropist and founder of the ‘Frontline Magic’ community - a global research project dedicated to sharing practices and playbooks that deliver awesome customer experiences from the frontline. The community harnesses thought leaders in people-powered businesses to share the practical steps they took to build customer obsessed teams. The community is free; and it’s a lifeline of inspiration for those at the coalface of service.

Aaron offers his audience fascinating insights into not only product development; but also the marriage of tech (logic) with behavioural science (arguably a bit of ‘magic’); and how to crack the code in terms of hacking human behaviour for meaningful business change. He reminds them that your competitor is only one mouse click away. He’ll also challenge them, asking why, if customer perception is our reality, we don’t obsess more heavily about that reality as the only source of real competitive advantage?