How do you communicate with employees who don’t have a desk?

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How do you communicate with employees who don't have a desk?

If your workforce operates in a warehouse or factory environment, you’ll know how hard it is to reach them through traditional channels. Email doesn’t work when you’re not sitting at a desk. Texts fail when you aren’t looking at your phone. is a revolutionary communication platform for hard-to-reach, deskless workers. Companies including The Warehouse Group, Foodstuffs and Fisher & Paykel Healthcare use Vibe’s platform to effectively communicate with their non-deskbound workforce. Our brains are wired for the visual stimulation that moving images provide and Vibe makes it simple for you to leverage visual communication to truly inform, engage and inspire your hard-to-reach workforce. Vibe allows you to publish once to digital screens (as well as browser and desktop/mobile) integrated with your existing channels. Our professional wellbeing, culture and development programs and premium infotainment content will keep your workforce engaged and help drive long-term behaviour change. Read more.