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    The Exporter - February 2022

    18 Feb 2022 | BusinessNZ

    Last night we celebrated some of our best and brightest exporters at the New Zealand International Business Awards. While we couldn't do this in person, it was great to acknowledge the success they've all had. Well done to all those nominated, and a special congratulations to all of the winners on the night. A special thanks also goes to New Zealand Trade and Entreprise for putting on a great show, we're delighted to be a supporting partner of the NZIBAs.

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    Trade update - February

    17 Feb 2022 | BusinessNZ

  • ExportNZ

    The Exporter - January 2022

    21 Jan 2022 | BusinessNZ

    The BusinessNZ Network are closely monitoring the situation and response to the threat of the Omicron variant and community transmission. Border restrictions and MIQ space is still front of mind for ExportNZ, especially as these protocols remain in place for the foreseeable future.

    According to Stats from the MFAT reports below, in April exports to all countries were down 2.6 percent to $5.3 billion. Dairy and meat exports were up 25.8 percent and 0.8 percent respectively, while seafood and forestry exports fell 30.9 percent and 68.7 percent respectively. We are hearing good reports of optimism and resilience from our regional offices as to how their exporter members are feeling, with lots of agility and innovative thinking going on. Stay positive, the NZ economy needs you to do well like never before!

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    Trade update - December/January

    18 Jan 2022 | BusinessNZ

  • ExportNZ

    ExportNZ BOP Executive Committee Update

    13 Jan 2022 | BusinessNZ

  • ExportNZ

    NanoLayr: A 21st Century Kiwi Manufacturer Capturing East Asia's Attention

    12 Jan 2022 | BusinessNZ

  • ExportNZ

    ExportNZ Submission on Immigration Fit For the Future_Immigration, Productivity, Wellbeing

    11 Jan 2022 | BusinessNZ

  • ExportNZ

    Visa woes stall New Zealand's recovery

    16 Dec 2021 | BusinessNZ

  • ExportNZ

    Loadscan - Adapting for International Success in the COVID-19 Market

    7 Dec 2021 | BusinessNZ

  • ExportNZ

    Hansa Products Accelerated growth in Europe during COVID-19

    26 Nov 2021 | BusinessNZ

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