Deloitte Bribery and Corruption survey 2014 Australia & New Zealand

  • Date Added: 19th November 2014 from Deloitte

  • The second Deloitte Bribery & Corruption survey is currently open for NZ and Australian businesses to give feedback on the risks that they face, both domestically and offshore. 

    We are seeking the valuable insight of organisations on both sides of the Tasman to help inform the approach to managing this increasingly serious operational risk.

    Our 2012 inaugural survey received recognition across industry and government and we, once again, intend to provide a detailed picture of bribery and corruption. In particular we will focus on:

    • The size of the problem;
    • Organisational profiles most at risk;
    • The challenges your organisation may face; and
    • What trends we are seeing when compared to our inaugural survey in 2012.

    New Zealand & Australia have a strong reputation for being "clean", however recently there have been a number of incidents that challenge this image.

    New Zealand corruption laws are currently being updated with the introduction of the Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Bill. A number of offshore authorities are also reviewing or adopting new anti-corruption laws. With New Zealand and Australian businesses increasingly looking for opportunities offshore, the need to understand the risk of bribery and corruption also continues to grow.

    The completion of the survey will only take 10 to 15 minutes and will provide valuable input to help us shape a picture of the current risks. The results and analysis will be made available in early 2015. To complete the survey simply click on this link.