International Trade Relations

  • Date Added: 19th October 2015 from ExportNZ

  • Building and developing our international connections will make the Bay of Plenty sub-region, including our Exporting companies, more competitive.  Targeted international relations activity provides the sub-region with opportunities to build friendships, attract skilled migrants, grow our business community, welcome international students and tourists, encourage appropriate investment and to make the most of our sister city relationships – recognising that many of these activities are interrelated.

    ExportNZ is a part of the development of a collaborative Tauranga/Western Bay of Plenty International Strategy.  The strategy will assist in identifying investment opportunities, connecting people and exporters with overseas markets, and leveraging the combined efforts of Export Bay of Plenty, Priority One, Tauranga City Council, Western Bay of Plenty District Council, Tourism Bay of Plenty, and Education Tauranga to maximise mutually beneficial economic outcomes for the sub-region.

    ExportNZ Bay of Plenty also supports Tauranga City Council in maximising economic opportunities arising from its partnerships with international cities, ensuring these relationships are strategically aligned to support economic growth and opportunities for our exporters.  Tauranga City Council has formal relationships with the following three cities in Asia:

    1.      Yantai, China
            2.      Hitachi, Japan
            3.      Ansan, South Korea

    These relationships act as a path to market; allowing our exporters overseas connections, and can be used as gateways for in-market information, consumer research, potential export relationship engagements & introductions, as well as obtaining up to date information to assist with export journeys & strategies.

    Contact Melissa Conrad at ExportNZ Bay of plenty if you are interested in learning more about this or keen to be involved with ExportNZ Bay of Plenty on International trade relations opportunities.