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  • Waka Kuaka

    Waka Kuaka

    Date Added: 1 Dec 2016

    Market Access and regulatory specialised consultant services for manufacturers and exporters in the animal products, processed food and beverage and animal feeds export sectors. Waka Kuaka brings food and animal product businesses the expertise they need to facilitate business planning through a greater understanding and clarity of market access and export processes applying to your particular product range. Kathy Lloyd brings years of experience and success working in government on behalf of New Zealand exporters, and can help you manage the regulatory side of export and import processes, and build relationships and confidence in engaging with regulatory authorities in New Zealand and overseas. Kathy’s vision is to add value to your business both through reducing costs of uncertainty, delays and overseas rejections, and by growing your business confidence and capacity. Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, new to exporting, new products or new markets, or simply want to build capacity of technical teams, Kathy is keen to hear from you. Contact her to discuss your particular needs and how she can help your business reach your export goals.

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  • BTM Marketing Ltd

    Date Added: 10 Nov 2015

    BTM are specialists in translations and marketing, with a primary focus on Japan and China, and a total of 11 languages available. We have 21+ years experience in industries such as tourism & hospitality, food & beverage, agriculture, education, specialised manufacturing, and health & wellness.

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  • NZTE

    New Zealand firms winning NZ Government tenders

    Date Added: 19 Nov 2014

    Here are some great examples of New Zealand firms winning NZ Government tenders and going on to succeed overseas, with the help of the Better by Procurement team at New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE).

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    SERVCORP - Virtual & Serviced Offices

    Date Added: 28 Apr 2014

    Dramatically increase your market share and business prospects by expanding into new countries. A Servcorp virtual or serviced office gives you the ability to operate in another market quickly, with little risk. Over 140 premium landmark locations worldwide to choose from.

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  • DJ Eggink CV

    Date Added: 12 Aug 2013

    If you are a company looking to do business in China and need a member of staff who understands the language and culture, Daniel Eggink is looking for an opportunity to work with you.

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  • Tim Williams

    Date Added: 12 Jun 2013

    Doing business in China and need a smart staff member who is fluent in the language and culture? Learn more about how Tim Williams can help you here.

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  • TMF Group

    TMF Group

    Date Added: 9 Apr 2013

    Global reach, local knowledge: TMF Group helps companies of all sizes expand and operate seamlessly across international borders. Our core services can help companies of all sizes with HR and payroll, accounting and tax, corporate secretarial or international structuring – whether you want to globalise, or whether you need support to streamline existing operations. With operations in more than 80 countries providing outsourced compliance services, TMF Group is the global expert that understands local needs.

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  • Zedgro


    Date Added: 16 Jan 2013

    Let Zedgro help you find the huge opportunities you are missing in Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore. Do you want market your own product or service – or perhaps outsource your production to Asia? Zedgro has trusted relationships with the regional suppliers, professionals, marketers and manufacturers you need already established…don’t risk going it alone.

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  • Blue South

    Blue South Translations

    Date Added: 29 May 2012

    Blue South ensures high-quality translations and a professional service. They cover every type of business translation need, from plain text to the most complex multi-lingual projects for printing, software or websites.

    Their team of experienced Project Managers can help you realise your global potential by assisting you with every step of the translation process; on time; on budget; professionally.

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  • Ministry of Economic Development

    The Food and Beverage Information Project

    Date Added: 16 Mar 2012

    The Food and Beverage Information Project is the first comprehensive overview of the state of New Zealand’s food and beverage (F&B) industry.

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