• ExportNZ


    29 Aug 2011 | BusinessNZ

    Learn more about this potential market with background information about the hearts and minds of Chinese consumers.

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  • China Kickstarter - Initial market research packages

    17 Mar 2014 | BusinessNZ

    Rare HQ have just launched their China Kickstarter packages for businesses who do not want to make a big upfront investment, but who would like dip in their toes and do some initial market research on the China opportunity. These start from NZ$5k.

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  • China Strategy Roadshow 2012

    27 Apr 2012 | BusinessNZ

    View the presentations from the China Strategy Roadshow series held in early 2012 to explain what the NZ Inc China Strategy means for business and other key NZ Inc China stakeholders.

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    3 May 2013 | BusinessNZ

    Presentation by Mainfreight to the New Zealand Prime Minister-led delegation to China in March 2013.

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  • Cultural connections contribute to Guanxi

    24 Sep 2014 | BusinessNZ

    Cultural similarities between Māori and Chinese can provide a unique connection, contributing to lasting and meaningful Guanxi in the China market.

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  • Doing Business in China

    27 Apr 2011 | BusinessNZ

    Access NZTE's extensive resources on doing business in the Chinese market from preparation, logisitics & legal solutions, to culture & language.

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  • Easy Chinese/Mandarin Learning

    28 Jan 2016 | BusinessNZ

    If you are looking to acquire an entry/upper level of listening, speaking, reading and writing Mandarin, this course could help.

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  • Export Intelligence Reports

    3 May 2011 | BusinessNZ

    Read news about trends, commercial opportunities and company movements in China. Export intelligence reports are generated by NZTE's offshore staff, and by NZTE regional and sector directors.

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  • HI-COM is your trusted partner to help you go global, while staying local

    1 Mar 2018 | BusinessNZ


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  • ExportNZ


    28 Mar 2011 | BusinessNZ

    Being culturally smart gives you a competitive edge. As New Zealand exporters, we’re competing in large markets with small resources. We need to be knowledgeable of new business cultures, and skilled at building lasting business relationships across cultures. iglobal helps clients build this advantage - in workshops, or supporting you long-distance 1-on-1 to manage real-time challenges. iglobal has particular expertise and experience in China and Brazil.

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