• The evolution of China’s E-commerce marketplaces

    25 Aug 2016 | BusinessNZ

    China is the world's largest e-commerce market. The number of online shoppers in China surpassed 417 million in 2015, hitting $590 billion USD in online retail transactions. Not only has online shopping grown more than 12 times over the past five years, e-commerce contributed almost 30% of China's GDP growth in 2015. With online sales growing at a rate of over 50% per year, it's no wonder every economy in the world is analysing China's booming e-commerce industry, with a hope of tasting a slice (or two) of the growing pie.

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  • OCCAM - China Training for Business - Government - Individuals

    18 Aug 2016 | BusinessNZ

    Occam has developed training for over 200 China topics for westerners covering a comprehensive range of business needs and activities. Training includes both specific business knowledge and any necessary soft skills learning for participants to combine with their existing skills ensuring they can successfully apply the training to be successful in China.

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  • Easy Chinese/Mandarin Learning

    28 Jan 2016 | BusinessNZ

    If you are looking to acquire an entry/upper level of listening, speaking, reading and writing Mandarin, this course could help.

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  • Cultural connections contribute to Guanxi

    24 Sep 2014 | BusinessNZ

    Cultural similarities between Māori and Chinese can provide a unique connection, contributing to lasting and meaningful Guanxi in the China market.

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  • Walking the Guanxi talk

    12 Aug 2014 | BusinessNZ

    When it comes to doing business in China, it’s all about Guanxi* – the social networks and influential relationships and affiliations which can help smooth the way and get things done.

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  • China Kickstarter - Initial market research packages

    17 Mar 2014 | BusinessNZ

    Rare HQ have just launched their China Kickstarter packages for businesses who do not want to make a big upfront investment, but who would like dip in their toes and do some initial market research on the China opportunity. These start from NZ$5k.

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  • The-Idealog-Guide-to-South-East-Asia-and-China.pdf

    24 Oct 2013 | BusinessNZ

    In association with ExportNZ, Idealog magazine has put together the ultimate guide to South-East Asia and China – our fastest growing export markets.

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  • Unlocking the mystery of Guanxi - John Cochrane

    25 Sep 2013 | BusinessNZ

    When people first start contemplating doing business in China, there are many challenges that are discussed, and a variety of opinions that will gush forth about everything from giving gifts, using chopsticks, and attempting a few phrases in Chinese.

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  • ExportNZ

    Q&A with Anne from Redbridge

    6 Jun 2013 | BusinessNZ

    Anne Cao talks about how Redbridge Consulting specialises in building business relationships between China and NZ.

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  • Li-Gang-Presentation-NZ-DELEGATION.pdf

    3 May 2013 | BusinessNZ

    Presentation by Li-Gang Liu, Chief Economist, Greater China, ANZ to the New Zealand Prime Minister lead delegation to China in March 2013.

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