Tariff Calculation

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  • Tariff Finder

    25 Nov 2020 |

    This tariff finder is designed to help goods exporters and importers maximise benefits from New Zealand’s Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and compare tariffs in 136 other markets. Goods exporters and importers can use it to check the tariff applying under each FTA and in many non-FTA markets.

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  • Tariff Schedule & Rates

    1 Feb 2011 | BusinessNZ

    Locate the Export and Import tariff rates for international destinations. Information from NZ Courier.

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  • Domestic tariffs on imported goods

    28 Jun 2010 |

    The Working Tariff Document of New Zealand is a consolidated document from two legislative bases, namely — the Tariff Act 1988 and the Customs & Excise Act 1996. It is available in hardcopy and CD-Rom formats from the New Zealand Customs Service.

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  • Free Trade Agreements

    1 Feb 2011 |

    Trade agreements between two or more countries make international trade easier and more efficient. Read more from MFAT about the progress of NZ's trade relationships.

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  • ExportNZ

    Tariffs on goods going into Australia

    27 Sep 2010 |

    The 'Schedule of Concessions on Goods' contains Australia’s commitments under the WTO on tariffs and tariff quotas, as well as Australia’s commitments on export subsidies and domestic support for agricultural products. It lists obligations Australia has undertaken not to raise tariffs above levels agreed in trade negotiations and upper limits for government expenditure for specified types of subsidies in the agriculture sector.

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