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28 Aug 2018 | BusinessNZ

Cyber-crime is the fastest growing industry in the modern world.  Cyber Crime is big business and with the advent of artificial intelligence, it’s only getting worse.  In 2017, at least 100,000 New Zealand businesses were victim of a cyber-attack, with the average cost being $19,000.  Could your business afford that?

Tech Safe was selected by the New Zealand Government to deliver a programme to improve the cyber-security of businesses to help them meet the objectives of the government’s cyber security strategy.

TechSafe has introduced a unique service designed to provide any business with a quick and affordable cyber risk assessment service.  TechSafe will explain to you where the cyber risks are in your business and provide you with the support and resources you need to lower those risks and move your business to a safer place.

For $1 per day, annual subscription, TechSafe is the only cyber-risk service that provides businesses with the on-going resources and information to convert a risk assessment report into real action. This is our Do-It-For-Me model. TechSafe will provide everything you need to keep your cyber risks top of mind and the tools and resources to help you manage those risks and protect your business.

TechSafe aims to help you keep your business in business.

TechSafe Features

- An initial one-hour face-to-face assessment interview with a trained Assessor
- Your own secure customer portal with relevant and helpful resources
- An Assessment report instantly available on your customer website
- A remediation report that prioritises areas to work on with links to helpful resources we provide
- On-line training modules to teach your staff about cyber risks and how to recognise them
- A follow up remediation review to qualify your improvements and get you to certification

The TechSafe Assessment Benefits

- A quick and affordable service
- Resources to help you understand and lower your cyber risks
- Alerts and updates on the latest cyber-threats
- Learning modules to educate your staff on cyber-risks
- Monitor staff training progress
- No need to be technical
- You will gain a good understanding of what cyber crime is and the steps you can take to avoid future attacks
- A means of showing your customers and suppliers that you have taken all reasonable steps to protect yourself and them from cyber-threats