Better Exporting Meetup - Health & Beauty

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28 Oct |

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Better Exporting Meetup - Health & Beauty

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28th Oct 2020 8:00am-9:30am


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Join our meetup to meet and interact with New Zealand business experts in the Health & Beauty sector. Our presenters for the morning will be sharing their latest insights and best practice models across areas including distribution, branding, strategy, customer service, and process. This meetup provides opportunities to gain insight, inspiration, and advice, as well as partake in discussions about current and future opportunities.

Highlights of the meetup:

  • You will hear how businesses have changed their business strategies post Covid-19
  • Importance of being agile in the current climate
  • You will likely hear about problems that you haven’t faced yet, but will in the future.
  • Although you may not be aware of the issue yet, hearing solutions from other professionals will help you plan accordingly
  • Input from many experts with varying perspectives which produces new thinking that challenges existing best practices


David Boyd - Owner & Director, Foot Science International

David is an experienced executive and company director with a background in specialised manufacturing, medical devices, and consumer products. His focus is on international markets, particularly Europe. David has been a director of a number of companies including Orthopaedic Synergy Inc, Enztec Ltd and Omni Life Science Inc, and is currently an advisory board member of the New Zealand Trade & Enterprise Beachheads Programme. An avid skier, David saw opportunities early on for custom orthotics to improve performance and comfort for all sport enthusiasts and founded Foot Science International together with Dr Charlie Baycroft. He is still actively involved as a Director.

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$75 + GST


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