Better Exporting seminar - export documentation and Incoterms made easy

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20 Feb | Auckland

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Better Exporting seminar - export documentation and Incoterms made easy

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20th Feb 2019 7:15am




EMA Business Hub, 145 Khyber Pass Road, Grafton, Auckland



We offer you this opportunity to understand the minimum requirements for documentation in transporting goods, so that your consignment arrives safely and promptly at destination. Never underestimate the power of the export document!

Understanding export documentation:

Export documentation is far more than just shipping paperwork; it includes all of the important records of an international transaction. Using the correct trade terminology, clearly defining the transfer of interest and liability, selecting the right method of payment and sending the best quotation possible are the keys to effective exporting.

After the sale has been made, proper and timely selection, preparation and distribution of documents are essential.

Documents used in international trade are a reflection of the understanding of the agreement between the seller, the buyer and third party service and regulatory agencies. It is vital for the seller to understand that any documents produced with their name as a party to the transaction may be held responsible for the actions of the logistics provider in the course of their performance depending on the Incoterm® that both the seller and the buyer have agreed on for the transaction.

Areas covered in this seminar:
  • Introduction to export documentation and procedures
  • The pro forma invoice - first step
  • The commercial invoice
  • The shipper's letter of instruction
  • Customs and consular invoices
  • Product specification documentation
  • Certificates of Origin
  • The shipper's export declaration
  • The bill of lading
  • The packing list
Understanding Incoterms® 2010

This section of the seminar is intended to help exporters understand Incoterms® - International Commercial Terms that reflect logistics options - and how to select the correct ones for their international transactions. These global shipping terms have huge importance in the exporting and importing of products around the globe. They outline the risk and responsibility between the buyer and the seller for each transaction.

Areas covered:

  • What are Incoterms®?
  • How Incoterms® are used for export sales
  • The terms and conditions of each Incoterm®
  • The buyer’s and seller’s obligations for each term
  • Selecting the correct term for a specific transaction
  • The benefits of one term over another
  • The risks of one term compared to another
  • The commercial benefits of using the correct term

Following the presentation, you can ask questions of our panel of speakers.


Jen Ward - Technical Co-ordinator/ Auditor , Independant Verification Services

Peter Drew - Programme Leader - Freight, Ignite Colleges

Matt Rossiter - New Zealand Customs Manager, DHL Express

Air New Zealand Cargo - speaker to be confirmed

New Zealand Customs - speaker to be confirmed

Special thanks to our event partners

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$75 +GST

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$130 +GST


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