Market Readiness Programme Vietnam- Gisborne

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Market Readiness Programme Vietnam- Gisborne

28 Sep |

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Market Readiness Programme Vietnam- Gisborne

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28th Sep 2021 12:00pm-3:30pm


The Rose Room, Gisborne


As one of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing economies, Vietnam is dynamic and bursting with potential. Despite Covid 19, Vietnam GDP growth in 2020 reached 2.9% (one of the few economies with positive growth in 2020), and it is projected to maintain at 6.5% in 2021 (IMF 2021). Vietnam also ranks 12th out of 66 emerging markets in terms of its financial strength.

Beyond the attractive economic statistics, Vietnam also presents various opportunities due to its manufacturing capacity and skillsets, strategic location being next to China, strengthening institutional and regulatory framework that encourages foreign participation and protection of intellectual property, a large consumer market of more than 97 million with median age of 32.

This workshop provides insights into the challenges and opportunities that Vietnam presents for NZ businesses.

Topics of the day include:
1.In-depth understanding of macro-environments (demographic, social, political, and economic aspects) of Vietnam.
2.Cultural expectations and practices in doing business in and with Vietnam.
3.Insights on competitive landscapes and dynamics of interaction in Vietnam.
4.Alternative market entry strategies to be considered for the market.

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