Better Exporting - Winning in the Amazon Jungle

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Better Exporting - Winning in the Amazon Jungle

22 Aug | Hamilton

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Better Exporting - Winning in the Amazon Jungle

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22nd Aug 2019 4:00pm-6:30pm




EMA Building Cnr Tristram & Collingwood Streets

Description: is live in Australia and likely soon to be New Zealand. The obvious implication is that New Zealand product and brand owners would then be able to reach a new consumer market quicker, and more easily.

But there are bigger, less talked-about impacts – both advantageous and not-so.

This arrival of Amazon will change the shape of e-commerce in New Zealand a lot more than people realise.

Our presenter, Hamish Conway from Sell Global, will share the latest changes and new discoveries with Amazon over the past 12 months. With his experience running multiple seller accounts for New Zealand businesses, he is well qualified to comment on how Amazon can benefit your business too.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this 90 minute High Impact Session

  • What is happening with Amazon Australia and is it even making an impact?
  • How NZ brands are building 6 and 7 figure new sales channel on Amazon inside 18 months. While Amazon Australia is here, the big game is still the USA.
  • New technology Amazon is bringing to win the e-commerce game and why e-commerce incumbents won’t be able to keep up.
  • How the numbers work for Amazon Australia, and what are the key actions to getting started.
  • What to do if your distributors say we won’t stock you if you list on Amazon.
  • If you decide not to sell on Amazon, what do you need to do to remain relevant.
  • How to make your own e-commerce store remain relevant in an Amazon dominated landscape.

Guest Speaker: Hamish Conway, Director, Sell Global Ltd

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